Transfer Reset

A Transfer Reset is a powerful way to remove all low frequencies, blockages and karma across all timelines and in the Akashic Records.

An Transfer Reset removes all low frequencies and energy blockages from the current lifetime, all past/parallel lives, and the Akashic records. It restores the soul back to a pure state and allows for quantum healing. It is both the most effective way to remove old karma and a powerful healing modality. It is more effective and comprehensive than any other form of energy healing.

Clients that have experienced an Transfer Reset are reporting healing of all kinds. They are also reporting a stronger connection to their spirit guides. Many are reporting a sense of constant joy and happiness after an Transfer Reset.

How Does It Work?

I am uniquely able to transfer the karma and negative emotional energy from others and return it to the universe, replacing it with positive, pure emotional energy from Source.  I use this amazing gift to raise people’s vibration and help them live happier and more fulfilling lives.

This unique talent allows me to help those that have been struggling to release the karma and blockages that have been preventing them from raising their vibration and experiencing their own unique gifts.  Unlike many other energy transfer processes, I can release the karma and blockages not only from the current lifetime, but from all lifetimes and timelines including past, current and parallel lives due to my connection with source.  I am eternally grateful to be aiding in the transition from 3rd dimensional to 5th dimensional consciousness on Earth in this way.

During an Transfer Reset, I tap into my higher self and my unique link with source to transfer your karma, blockages and negative emotional energy safely out to source who converts it to pure, positive energy which I return. This reset is a way to jump back timelines and restores your soul back to the pure state that existed immediately after it was created by Source.  

You will be releasing karma that has been accumulated by your soul from your life experience, environmental toxins and exposure to lower vibrational frequencies in this lifetime and all of your other lifetimes. This process removes the dense energy that prevents you from accessing your higher self and raises your consciousness, level of happiness and well-being.

I offer an accelerated Transfer Reset Program where I work to raise the consciousness of the entire group all at once. 

I also book private one-on-one Transfer Reset Sessions.

What Benefits to Expect

During this Transfer Reset, your frequency will be tuned to a new, higher vibration, leading to sudden breakthroughs in health, immense energy, greater inner peace and joyfulness. To preserve this higher level of vibration, I provide you a cloud clearing process that will clear any new negative energy at the same time you acquire it.

In addition, repeat sessions will allow you to continue raising your vibration as each session will increase the size of your aura at the same time is raises your vibration in a cumulative fashion.  Many people who work with me regularly start to come into their abilities within the first month of multiple sessions. Why?  Because you will access new information stored within your DNA that was previously unavailable, awakening your mind to a new way of seeing the world.