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Mentoring for high-achievers who want to enjoy professional success and a fulfilling personal life.

An Energy Reset is a powerful way to remove all low frequencies, blockages and karma across all timelines and in the Akashic Records.
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The Compassion Code is a powerful healing method. It can help with healing trauma and pain in your life and in your body.

About Philip Adler

It’s my life’s mission to help you find your voice in a society that may be drowning it out. I’m here to actively listen and help guide you to find your direction and purpose, fully manifesting your potential.  So it’s no wonder that you may be questioning your worth and/or feeling isolated and disconnected. I’m here to help you clarify your purpose, particularly if you’re feeling depleted in life.

Your time with me is highly tailored, distinctive, and deeply transforming, built on my passion of offering support to anyone who may feel uncomfortable opening up to anyone else. I create a safe space where no judgements are passed, ensuring that you can be open and honest with your thoughts so that I can help guide you through your personal obstacles. I provide personalized one-on-one and group sessions with a variety of modalities, topics, and techniques, done either in-person or remotely.


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