From Philip

It’s important that you to know that I know that it’s not about me. I see myself as a conduit for information to pass through me to others. I am not the source of this information but I can access it and I can understand it and convey it a digestible way that is easy to understand. It’s been a lifelong journey to get here and I’m incredibly grateful to share the knowledge and insights I have to offer.  So many people along the way have helped me and supported me and it’s an honor to pay it forward in a very real way.

The second thing I want you to know is that I am not here to convince you of anything. I am simply sharing knowledge and intuition based on my experience and guidance.  If something I’ve said causes you to think then I’ve done you a great service. So I encourage you to check in with yourself and let your intuition be the guide. If it resonates then accept it and if it doesn’t… don’t.
Lastly, I want you to know that I vibrate at a very high level and the people that I tend to attract into my circle are significant people who make a difference. If they aren’t already creating and manifesting their highest and best there’s a really good chance that they’re about to. I love to create with great people and between my family, friends and clients there is an abundance of good energy to go around.

So once again welcome. It is my great pleasure to invite into the kingdom.

Philip Adler