Many of my clients are very health oriented.

They’ve geared their lives toward achieving optimum wellness.

They eat right.

They exercise consistently.

They meditate daily and allow themselves plenty of rest and relaxation.

All of which are wonderful examples of loving yourself.

The one area that people seem to have a blind eye to are the relationships and more important the energy that they are exposing themselves to.

It’s really incredibly important to start to become aware of the toxicity and the unconscious effects it can have on our well being. So many of us willingly spend time with people like this and we condone it by using rationale that because they’re family or that because we’ve known them for years that it’s somehow ok. Typically these are people who aren’t willing to look at themselves and take ownership for their trauma and will absolutely project onto you all their problems and issues.

As empaths, we’re so used to being sensitive to others and many of us have become a very comfortable dumping ground for these types. I’m not saying to immediately go out and rid yourself of these types but rather to simply become aware where you feel drained.

This is what self love looks like. Not willing to allow your precious energy to be taken away. You know the type of people you enjoy. The type that infuse you with positive energy and engage you in riveting conversation where you walk away feeling better and happier.

It is my experience that when people start to love themselves by consciously choosing who they are surrounding themselves with, they reclaim an incredible amount of their energy that they have unconsciously given away. Energy that is required to not only heal but to manifest in your lives.

I love you all