How Deep Is Your Love?

We’re all doing our very best to navigate what most will agree are very strange and confusing times. Most people are so far past anything resembling normalcy and yet, we have started to notice a beautiful evolution transpiring.

More and more we have seen people choosing from a place that brings meaning and depth to their lives. No longer willing to live lives of quiet desperation, we are coming from a place of love. Self-love. We’ve all heard that term self-love but how many have integrated it into their being and created a life that actually brings them joy.

So many amongst us will do anything for others but when it comes to ourselves that inner voice is one of judgment, criticism and non-acceptance.

Well, here’s a little secret. Self-love opens the door to next level of the game. Begin to see the value we bring to this life. Start noticing how our thoughtful words change the trajectory of people’s lives. It’s not hard at all because we’re all so worthy and have helped so many people.

Who would’ve thought acknowledging oneself would be so transformative in healing our trauma?

It’s time to free up all the energy we’ve willingly given away to people and situations so that we can now heal and manifest our best life.

I love you all.