How to identify the issue

So many times during these intense days clients have called me up in complete overwhelm. “Things are not flowing. The universe is against me. Mercury is retrograde” are among many of the things they say. While I completely understand, it’s my opinion that with just a brief interruption in the thinking we can identify the core issue and navigate our way through these little mind speed bumps unscathed.

In other words, we have choices in how we react to situations.

You don’t have to give away all your power to these moments.

Yes of course life happens but it’s how we choose to view what’s happening and whether or not we are going to attach our emotions to the event.

Being present is a practice.

It’s takes practice to be conscious of what you’re feeling and how you’re going to respond. It takes practice to realize that what you’re seeing outside of you is but just a reflection and that if you’re willing you can gain valuable insight into your triggers and blocks.

The simplest piece of advise I could give you is to simply wait a few seconds before responding. Ask yourself what’s the best case scenario that can come from me reacting to this situation?

Play it out in your mind.

If I do this, then what happens? If I say this, what will they say? Is it really worth my time and what will the likely results of my reaction be?

So next time you feel triggered, take a deep breath and think it through.

You’ll be amazed at how practicing this simplest form of self love can conserve your valuable, creative energy.